Google websiteFour out of five consumers look up local information using search engines. Eighteen percent of mobile local searches lead to purchase within a day. All of this means that local SEO is a necessity.

Without this strategy in your digital marketing program, you could lose valuable opportunities. With it, you could boost your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and reach out to more customers.

Landing on the first page means meeting Google’s more than 200 ranking factors, one of which has to do with content.

Relevance to Your Community

Web design companies can develop SEO-friendly sites with the right coding, the latest design language, and other relevant elements. But if your content isn’t relevant to the community you serve — the market you’re targeting, it may not get you the results you seek: more website traffic leads to more customers in your shop or office.

Seventy-one percent of readers say content that seems like a sales pitch turns them off. So yes, your website content, social media posts, and blog posts all have to be of high quality and not push aggressively to sell. But it also has to be relevant to your location.

Because you’re marketing to the neighborhoods in your vicinity, your content has to serve their unique needs. For example, if you’re a ski resort in Ottawa, then your content has to include valuable information on cross-country skiing or essential equipment for beginners or professionals.

This year’s local SEO forecast will cater more to serve your community’s needs by way of Google Posts, Google Questions and Answers, owner responses, and others relevant to your sales funnel.  What this forecast means is that you have to step up as a business that can and will provide the answers your local market seeks.

Once you’re able to meet your local customers’ needs, you can optimize further to get better results.

Optimized Content is Crucial

Content optimization helps you rank in search engines. You can do this by making your content as audience-centric as possible. Content-centric informs what companies want to talk about while audience-centric focuses on what the audience wants to hear.

With this in mind, the optimization equation entails the technical portion. This includes the use of keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs. Here’s how you can optimize your content:

  • Research the keyword and determine your topic
  • Form your outline based on optimal readability
  • Don’t sway from your topic and keyword
  • Use backlinks all throughout your content

Local SEO for Your Business

Your website represents your business on the Internet. First impressions are crucial for consumers online. This may be a struggle for some, but we’re here to resolve this problem.

We can help turn every website visit into an opportunity to convert and help you boost your local presence in Ottawa. We implement tried-and-tested techniques and use a five-phase approach to local optimization. This way, we maximize the potential of your website to get more customers.

We’re straightforward, transparent about our processes — and we’re good at what we do. Let us help your business.

For a consultation, give us a call today.

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