Social media windowsThe past few years have seen technology grow social media from a simple network of people to a legitimate experience-sharing platform that millions of people use. In Canada alone, over 22 million people have at least one social media account.

Leveraging this popularity to create a comprehensive digital marketing campaign can greatly benefit any company. Imagine tapping into the ability to engage with millions of people simultaneously – this is just one aspect of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

But how, exactly, does social media drive business growth?

Creating Brand Awareness

Because of the number of people that use social media daily, it is an excellent avenue on which to create brand awareness for your company, which, in turn, opens opportunities for growth.

With optimized and strategically-posted content, SMM can increase the visibility of your business/brand. This is important for two reasons: it enables your business to engage with new customers, and it makes your business more recognizable and familiar to existing customers.

If a business builds a strong enough awareness about their brand, this creates brand loyalty, which ensures a steady stream of revenue from customers who are continuously satisfied with your brand or service.

Personalization in a Customer-Centric World

The past few years have seen a major shift in the marketing world. Before the advent of social media and other technologies that allowed customers to engage with a business, the marketing mindset was focused on the brand, per se.

However, more and more companies are realizing that by putting the customer at the center of their marketing strategies, they are able to engage customers on a personal level, which makes their brand all the more appealing.

In the age of social media, a business that takes the time to curate its social media channels is able to create a sense of community with its customers. This humanizes the company and makes it more accessible to individual customers.

Through social media, companies make customers feel like they genuinely care about how they can benefit from each other.

 “Likes” To Leads

Do it for the likes, because studies show that companies that engage with their customers via social media see a 100% increase in their lead-to-close rate when compared with outbound marketing strategies.

Experts link this increase to the trust and credibility people feel for businesses with a large social media following. This concept, called social proof, gives businesses an opportunity to grow their customer base, solidify their brand identity and generate leads simply by expanding the number of likes and followers they have on their social media channel.

Digital marketing strategies across the board can be applied to social media: from content creation and SEO to a more engaged and positive community management, it is clear that social media can expand the reach of a business and grow their potential revenue. As one of the leading providers of digital marketing solutions in Ottawa, WebWaves can provide social media strategies for businesses, driving their business forward via content-driven optimization, social media community management and many more.

Schedule a FREE consultation with us today, and we’ll help you decide on the most appropriate digital marketing strategy for your company.

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